Snow Much Fun 2023

Looking to wrap up 2023 on a high note? If you’d like a little extra encouragement, support, and laughter during the last couple weeks of the year, we’ve got you! In this challenge, you’ll set an individual goal for how many days you’ll do a Playlist + choose an activity to do on your own time that brings joy, offers relaxation, or helps you recharge as you end the year with your health in mind.

Here are some ideas for activities to get you started!

Move your body: go for a walk, hike, jog, run, ski, snow-shoe, dance, do some strength training or cardio 

Indulge in your favorites: watch your favorite movie, cook a favorite meal, listen to music, bake your favorite treats

Connect with nature: spend time outdoors, watch a winter sunset, tend to your houseplants, chop wood, build a snowman (or sandcastle, depending where you are!)

Get that R&R: take a relaxing bath, read a book, light candles, sip on some hot tea, do some gentle stretching, listen to a podcast

Have fun: play a game, catch some live-music, get crafty and cut out paper snowflakes, knit or crochet a scarf, make candles

Choose your own activity: there’s “snow” wrong answer!

When’s the Challenge? 

The Challenge Group is open for you to join today. It officially kicks off on Monday, December 18th, and wraps on Tuesday, January 2nd. Join early to get a head-start on your goals and meet other Group members!  

What will we do in the Group?

The Snow Much Fun Group is where you can post your goals and have fun chatting about your progress. Your Group Guides will also share a post each weekday for conversation and support. Drop into the Group daily for encouragement, accountability and laughs! 

Holiday Office Closure:

Our Hinge Health Offices will close on Friday, December 22nd, remain closed the entire week of December 25th, and reopen on Tuesday, January 2nd. Your Group Guides will be soaking up time with friends and family during the week of the 25th, so the Group chat will be left in your mittens to keep warm during the 2nd week of the Challenge. Your Group Guides will  be back with you in the New Year, on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2023, to celebrate your wins with you! 

How to join:

  1. In your Hinge Health App, click on the “Groups” tab at the bottom of the page.

  2. At the top of the Groups page, you’ll see “My Groups” and “Explore” tabs. Click “Explore”.

  3. Scroll until you find “Snow Much Fun Challenge 2023” and click “Join Group."

  4. Think about a weekly goal for how many exercise therapy sessions (Playlists) you'd like to complete over the 2 week challenge, and also what you'd like to do for rest, relaxation, or recharging, and share your plan in the Group conversation!

Tips for participating in the Group chat:

  • Stop by the Group before or after your playlist to share what you've been doing for rest, relaxation or recharging! You can create a post by tapping on the "Write a new post" box.

  • While you're there, a great way to connect with your group mates and keep the conversation snowballing is to “reply” to each other's topics and cheer each other on. Let's create a blizzard of support! Ready, set, SNOW!

What our members are saying: 

If you’re unable to locate the Snow Much Fun 2023 Challenge in the Groups area of your app, please update to the latest version of the App, log out and back in. Questions about this Challenge? Email us at

*Disclaimer: This general information does not constitute medical advice and is not intended to replace your healthcare professional. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

This Challenge and its contents pertain to Hinge Health members who are currently participating in our chronic pain programs. This offer does not extend to those enrolled in acute or surgical programs at this time.