Set Your Hinge Health Exercise Schedule

“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” You’ve surely heard some variation of these wise words before. We bring it up here because planning is one the most important things you can do to stay on track with your Hinge Health program.

Planning out when you'll do your exercise therapy sessions ahead of time can lead to more consistency and, as a result, less pain. As a next step, create an action plan in your app. We'll send you a simple reminder to complete your exercise therapy each week on the days and times you pick.

What Is an Action Plan?

Your action plan is a recurring weekly schedule you can set to receive text reminders to complete exercise therapy on specific days and times. This schedule should represent when you think you're most likely to complete an exercise therapy session each week, given life's other demands.

Hinge Health recommends completing at least three exercise therapy sessions per week for best results, but you can start with less or more based on what works best for you. If you find it difficult to stick to new exercise routines, try setting your schedule around activities you're already doing consistently, like drinking your morning coffee or eating lunch. Combining activities in this way makes it easier to build exercise therapy into your weekly routine.

Here’s an example of an action plan from Hinge Health member Alicia:

“I plan to complete my exercise therapy sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for two weeks after walking my dog in the mornings.”

Remember, your action plan is flexible. Your coach will help you evaluate progress and ensure you’re on track to meet your goals each step of the way.

How to Create an Action Plan

  1. To create an action plan in your Hinge Health app, tap the Account tab in the bottom right corner, then Action plan, the When I will exercise

  2. Next, tap any days you are NOT planning to complete an exercise therapy session so they are no longer highlighted in blue. The days highlighted in blue are the ones you’re aiming to complete your sessions.

  3. Choose a daily activity by tapping one of the options provided or add your own by typing it into the box below.

You may choose to receive reminders through text message or app notifications.