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Conquer back or joint pain without surgery or drugs


Best-practice care conveniently delivered digitally to health plan and employer members


Hinge Health Solution

Did you know that 4 out of 5 of your members aren’t receiving appropriate
musculoskeletal (MSK) care?1 Hinge Health has turned evidence based MSK
care into a 12-week digital program based on 3 core pillars.


Exercise Therapy

Wearable sensors and tablet for
real-time movements feedback


Behavioral Health

Cognitive behavioral therapy
and unlimited 1:1 coaching



Personalized and interactive
education curriculum

Hinge Health Outcomes

Hinge Health drives 3-6x ROI in Year 1, which has been validated in
randomized controlled clinical trials and published in peer-reviewed journals.2


Reduction in pain


Reduction in depression

2 out of 3 surgeries avoided


Our Guaranteed ROI

  • Utilization based pricing, no PMPM

  • Guaranteed 1:1 ROI

  • Successful track record with large companies and dispersed workforce

  • Direct billing through insurance claims


Let's set up time to show you a Hinge Health demo.


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