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Over 1 in 2 of your workforce is impacted by chronic pain - we’re here to help!
Hinge Health is a pioneering digital therapy program that helps users conquer chronic indication_one, indication_two, indication_three pain, without drugs or surgery. Best of all, it can be done at home - no need to schedule PT appointments.

The program includes:

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching: To motivate and help users meet their goals
  • Convenient Exercise Therapy: Personalized to each user, and in the convenience of their home
  • Education: To help understand treatment options and how to manage pain

Hinge Health is offered as a free benefit as part of the [CLIENT] Medical Plan.

Below you will find information and tools to help you promote Hinge Health at your workplace

Application Details

Members can apply at

Questions? Contact or call (855) 902-2777

Eligibility Note: Available to [CLIENT] plan members age 18+

Materials for Download

Program Emails
Send these emails out to announce the program
Post these flyers online, or print and hang around break rooms and bathrooms.
Demo Video
Here's a demo video of the program to share and show how it works.
Web/Digital Promotions
Please post these on your social media channels and internal benefits portals.
This Powerpoint slide can be used as digital signage or in new employee orientation slides.
Social Media Content
Please post these images and videos on your school's internal social media group, or your internal social platform.