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Conquer knee or back pain without drugs or surgery
Questions? Call (855) 902-2777 and we’ll get them answered.
Questions? Call (855) 902-2777.
What You’ll Get

No more costly and inconvenient visits to physical therapy. All the care you need is in your Hinge Health toolkit
A free tablet and wearable sensors
A free tablet and wearable sensors
Feel confident in your form. Our app and sensors give you live feedback during stretches and exercises.
Personalized exercise therapy
Personalized exercise therapy
You’ll be guided through 15-minute sessions, and the level of difficulty will increase when you’re ready.
Unlimited 1-on-1 health coaching
Unlimited 1-on-1 health coaching
Your health coach will be there to provide personalized support via text, email, or call to help you reach your goals.
I used to fear stairs of any size and now I sail up a flight of stairs like there is nothing to it. No fear, no pain.
Bruce W., Walgreens employee
Knee Program participant
Transforming thousands of lives nationwide

You don’t have to take time out of your day to visit a physical therapist or spend hours digging through confusing advice online. Instead, you receive all the care you need to get better through the Hinge Health tool kit*.

*Based on recommendations by American Orthopedic Association

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