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The ultimate guide to becoming an MSK expert. Generate meetings
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Open the door to new clients through MSK

We packaged all of the tools you need to support your clients MSK strategy in one place.
Download the email outreach template to get started.
Email Template
Employer Outreach Emails
Strategically position MSK challenges & strategies.
Email Template
Business Case Analysis Email
Demonstrate client savings by tackling MSK spend.
Social Strategy
LinkedIn Post
Share an MSK strategy with your network.
Hinge Health Overview
Learn how Hinge Health's one-stop MSK solution solves for member needs and high medical spend.
White Paper
Work From Home Survey
Survey report of 900+ workers uncovers increasing health risks posed by remote workplace.
White Paper
Chronic MSK Pain & Depression
Holistic interventions help tackle the co-morbid conditions of MSK pain and mental health.
Demo Video
See the Chronic Program in action.
Employer: Southern Company
“I wish all vendors could make implementation as easy as Hinge Health.”
Participant: Garry
“I’m not going to have surgery because of what I’ve learned through Hinge Health.”

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See how we've helped employers across all industries successfully tackle high
MSK spend while helping their diverse workforces overcome pain.
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Show your clients & prospects how they can reduce medical spend

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