AHIP Webinar: A Comprehensive Solution to Address High Musculoskeletal Claims

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affect 1 in 2 Americans in any given year.
With expensive treatment options, MSK continues to be a leading cost driver for health insurance providers and employers, consuming 1 of every 6 of health care dollars. Health insurance providers and employers are looking for a better solution to deliver appropriate care to their members and reduce rising claims for surgery and opioids.

This webinar will explore why musculoskeletal conditions, like chronic back and joint pain, are a top cost driver for health insurance providers and employers. And how digital musculoskeletal care is a scalable solution to deliver the three core pillars of best practice care: exercise therapy, behavioral health, and education.

We’ll examine a case study where an employer achieved pain reduction that averaged 2 times more than pain reduction from moderate dose opioids, cut depression rates in half and addressed medical spend by avoiding two out of three surgeries.

Attendees will learn:
  • Understand why musculoskeletal conditions are a top medical spend for health insurance providers and employers
  • Recognize the barriers to recommended musculoskeletal care and how to overcome them
  • Define key evaluation criteria for digital health solution to ensure impact on member engagement, clinical outcomes, and medical spend.