Stretch It Out Challenge

Here at Hinge Health, we want to help you both maintain and build on the movement habits that you’ve already formed, so you can stay consistent in managing your pain. Stretching muscles is a key component of keeping pain at bay, and that’s why we’d like to challenge you to add on to your Hinge Health sessions, by stretching out just a little longer over the next two weeks. 

Dates: This challenge will run from Monday, September 7th to Sunday September 20th.

What to do:

  • Say Yes: Let your coach know you are participating in this challenge by sending a text or leaving a note in the app. They can help you create a goal, plan for success, and stay on track.

  • To participate in this challenge, all you need to do is keep stretching after your Hinge Health sessions throughout the week. You can do as little or as much stretching as you’d like!

  • After you complete the exercises in your playlists and add on those extra stretches, leave your coach a note in the app (available on the Log your health page) or send your coach a text to let them know that you stretched out your session. 

Prepare for the challenge

After you let your coach know that you'd like to join in, create a goal with your coach. Here are some examples:

  • Stretch out my hip flexors for two minutes after each Hinge Health session for the next two weeks.

  • Add five minutes of leg stretches after my Hinge Health session on Saturday mornings.

  • Complete a twenty minutes of stretching after my nightly Hinge Health playlist prior to going to bed each week night for the next two weeks.

Stretch it Out

The goal of this challenge is to complete additional stretches at the end of your Hinge Health sessions for the next two weeks. You can keep the extra stretches short if you’d like, or if you have time you can do a longer stretching session.

Your additional stretches can be for any area of the body that you choose, whether you want to counteract the effects of sitting for prolonged periods, help certain muscles recover post workout, or loosen up a bit more before you put in a hard day's work. You can mix it up every time and do different stretches after each playlist or stick with the ones that you know and love. No matter what stretches you decide to do, those additional few minutes should feel good!

If you’re in need of ideas please reach out to your coach and they will happily help you come up with a short stretching routine. Here are a few examples of additional stretches you can do: 


For Cat (rounded back), begin on all fours, with shoulders above your hands and hips above your knees. Round your spine and look slightly downward.

For Cow (arched back), arch your spine and rotate your head to look up at the ceiling.

To decrease the difficulty level of this stretch, you can do it in a seated position instead of on all fours. Please ask your coach for this modification.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Start in a standing position. Take a big step forward with one leg, keeping your back leg heel on the floor.

If you’d like to decrease the difficulty level with this stretch, raise your back leg heel off the floor or take a shorter step forward.

If you’d like to increase the difficulty with this stretch, squeeze your back leg buttock and brace your core as if you were getting ready for someone to poke you in the torso, or take a larger step forward.

Head Tilts

Start in your normal resting position, then slowly bend your head in a controlled manner to the right and then to the left.

Difficulty level with this stretch is determined by how far you tilt your head to either side. To decrease the difficulty with this stretch, bend your head less far to either side. To increase the difficulty, tilt your head further.

Knee to Chest Stretch

To perform this stretch, start by lying on your back with legs straight on the floor. 

  • Raise one leg up toward your chest.

  • Clasp your hands together on the back of the thigh on your raised leg..

  • Keep your leg straight or with a slight bend in the knee, and use your hands to give a gentle pull on your leg for an additional stretch.

To decrease the difficulty level of this stretch, you can bend the knee of your raised leg. You may also use a strap or towel wrapped around the knee of your raised leg and gently pull it towards your chest.

To increase the difficulty of this stretch, work towards straightening your raised leg and pull your toes strongly towards your shin. You may also try rotating your toes to point in or outwards, to find the sweet spot to stretch.

Questions about this challenge? 

Send your coach a message either in the app or by text. They’d love to help you create a goal to stretch out your sessions!

Traveling or on the go? Want to add stretches at work?

Download the Hinge Health app on your mobile device to  make it convenient and easy to do your playlist  no matter where you are:

Don’t have a smartphone?

No problem! Your tablet is travel friendly and portable, too. You can even complete playlists without WiFi, simply reconnect once you have wireless services again so your coach can see your progress!