Holidazzle You Challenge

This holiday season shine your brightest with the help of a Group Challenge! This Challenge keeps you connected to your Hinge Health Playlists, while dazzling your’elves with well deserved self-care.

What’s the Challenge?

After completing a Playlist, carve out 5 minutes to gift yourself whatever you most need that day. You might put your feet up and rest in silence, walk around the block, or dance in your living room! This is an opportunity to tap into how you’re feeling and give your mind and body whatever they most need.

Examples of Challenge Goals:

  • 4 Playlists each week + 5 minutes of walking up and down my stairs
  • 2 Playlists each week + 5 minutes of resting my eyes while breathing deeply
  • 5 Playlists each week + 5 minutes of extra stretching while listening to music

When is the Challenge?

The Group is live and runs through January 4th. Make your spirits bright by joining today!

How do I join?

  1. From the Home page, Click on the “Groups” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. At the top of the page, you’ll see “My Groups” and “Explore” tabs. Click “Explore”.
  3. Locate the “Holidazzle You Challenge” Group and click “JOIN GROUP”
  4. Pop a comment into the Group to let others know you’re there!

*Tip: If you’re unable to locate the Group, please update the app and log in and out.

Questions about this Challenge? Send your coach a message at 833-418-0909 or email us at groups@hingehealth.com. See you there!