Holiday Survival Guide

Tis’ the season of joy, fun and... a busy schedule that can be physically demanding on the body. We want to help you prepare so that you can greet this holiday season with less pain and be able to give more to the activities and people that matter most to you.

Here are our top 5 tips for surviving the holidays with less pain.

Keep moving

Movement is medicine and consistency with your exercises in the app can help you combat stiffness and pain in an active way. Be ready to safeguard your exercise therapy time by planning ahead and scheduling your playlist into your calendar.


Hours of driving or even sitting on an airplane can cause discomfort. Do your best to plan for a more comfortable ride and take breaks from sitting when you can. If you need some ideas on how to squeeze in some gentle movement on the go, let your coach know.

Additionally, you can download the Hinge Health app on your mobile device to make it convenient and easy to do your playlist no matter where you are:

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! Your tablet is travel friendly and portable, too. You can even complete playlists without WiFi, simply reconnect once you have wireless services again so your coach can see your progress!

Stay warm

Many of us are affected by the change in season and colder temperatures. Layered clothing and keeping your space at an appropriate temperature for your comfort can help. Oh, and another nod to exercise as movement will help keep blood flowing to your joints and muscles keeping you warmer.

Watch your step

Winter conditions on sideways and roads can be tricky for our human bodies. Steady yourself with proper footwear for tough conditions and when needed take your time. Your Hinge exercises are helping you build strength and stability, too.

Be mindful of your stressors

There is no doubt that while this season can be joyful it can be stressful, too. Recognizing your stressors can be a great step in helping you manage pain during this holiday season. Reach out to your coach if you'd like to discuss some stress busting strategies. We are here as a part of your care team this holiday season!

Your Hinge Health Coach has additional resources on any of the topics above, so let them know if you need help diving a bit deeper into any of the mentioned topics. You can reach your coach by texting 833-418-0909.

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season. --The Hinge Health Team