Five Things You Can Do When You Don’t Feel Like Trying

Even small steps can help you move toward your goals. Take a look at these ideas and pick one or two that seem manageable for you.

Roll with it. Sometimes not wanting to do anything is your body and brain's way of asking for a break. Allow yourself a guilt free hour/day to not do anything. Then ask yourself...

Ask: What can I do? Can I step outside and take one deep breath? Can I listen to my favorite song? Throw the ball to my dog/pet the cat? Can I stretch my body?

Get an accountability buddy. If you committed to taking out the trash today, ask a friend to help you stay accountable to this task. Knowing someone will be checking in can feel like a good reason to follow through.

Change your scenery. Simply moving from one room to the next gets your blood moving. Why not sit in the kitchen for a few minutes? Do a stretch in the living room?

Give yourself a mental boost. Grab a pen and paper and write the numbers 1-5 down one side. Then answer this question: What is good in the world? Maybe the sky is an interesting color blue today. Maybe you saw a cute cat video online. Maybe you live near the best pizza joint in town. Now look over your list and let some of that goodness sink in.

Feeling Too Good