Escape with Hinge Health Summer Challenge

Many of us will start to transition from summer into a fall routine and here at Hinge, we know this can present challenges for managing your pain. The good news is that your Hinge Health program is available to you anytime, anywhere and your exercise therapy can be a great way to add movement and stress relief into your day. Let’s have a little fun with these last couple weeks of summer and Escape with Hinge by taking your sessions outdoors or with you on your travels. By keeping your joint health top of mind you can tackle this busy time with ease while maintaining your progress.

Check out these inspiring stories of Hinge Health-ers doing their exercise therapy on vacation and beyond:

“I went tent camping last week on the North Shore of Lake Superior. I brought my kit with me and each morning, my wife and I went to the rocky ledge overlooking the lake to do my Hinge sessions. It was great to stretch out after sleeping on an air mattress. While we were out there, we met fellow campers who were doing yoga and we made it a plan to meet each morning to do our stretches together. By the end of the week, there were 20 of us starting the day out stretching together!”

"I went on an anniversary camping trip this past weekend including Thursday and Monday. My wife and I went up the North Shore of Minnesota. I did my Hinge exercises plus more each day. It was so important that I do them because we were hiking the entire weekend. We hiked over 30 miles and I never felt better! I never had to break for my hip once. The exercises were a great start before each hike. I'm going to continue to do them, before activities especially, because WOW did they help!"


This challenge will run from Monday, August 24th - Monday, September 7th

What to do:

  • Say Yes: Let your coach know you are participating in this challenge by sending a text or leaving a note in the app. They can help you plan for success and stay on track.

  • To participate in this challenge, take one of your Hinge Health playlists to a new location each week. Yes, you can absolutely choose to do more!

  • After you complete the exercises in your playlist, leave your coach a note in the app (available on the Log your health page) or send your coach a text to let them know what fun new place you “Hinged”.

Prepare for the challenge:

Traveling or on the go?

Download the Hinge Health app on your mobile device to make it convenient and easy to do your playlist no matter where you are.

Don’t have a smartphone?

No problem! Your tablet is travel friendly and portable, too. You can even complete playlists without WiFi; simply reconnect once you have wireless services again so your coach can see your progress!

Stay Safe

Please prioritize your safety when picking your location and completing your exercises. This can be a hot time of year for many areas of the country, so make sure you do what feels comfortable to you. Doing a session outdoors is completely optional. You can stay indoors if you prefer. Here are some options for staying cool if you choose to go outdoors to Escape with Hinge:

  • Find a shady area

  • Do your session in the morning or in the evening when it’s cooler

  • Don’t forget your water and sunscreen!

Grab your Equipment

Some exercises may require a mat (a towel or blanket would work in a pinch), a chair (or elevated stable surface) and/or your bands. If you plan to do your playlist outside of your home, do your best to plan accordingly by considering the normal flow of your Hinge exercise therapy routine.

If you find you need something that you don’t have, do what you can with what you have available to you. Remember this is all about having some fun and trying something new. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your coach if you need some help or ideas.

Here are some alternatives for Hinge exercises that may require a door or a wall:

Shoulder Rows

Wrap your band around a sturdy anchor like a playground pole, fence post, or grounded tree.

Straight Arm Pull Downs

Wrap your band around a sturdy anchor (like above). You may consider tying the band loosely around the anchor to keep it from moving while performing this exercise.

Wall Slides

Find a flat surface to do this exercise if you are outside. Like the side of your home or a building.

Where to Escape with Hinge?

The world is your playground! We encourage you to have a little fun picking your “new” location. By moving your Hinge practice outside, you’ll get a chance to connect with nature and improve your mood at the same time. Here are a few ideas for where to take your Hinge habit:

  • In your own backyard or garden

  • On your patio or balcony

  • In a park or forest

  • On the beach

  • Before a hike

  • While on vacation

  • Before a workout

  • By the pool

  • On a tennis court

  • Before a round of golf

  • At your campsite

  • Your hotel room

  • A different room in your house